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Welcome to Landmark Creations

Welcome to Landmark Creations, the Most Beautiful Ornaments of the World™! Since 1997, Landmark Creations has sought to design and create the most beautiful Christmas Ornaments of famous buildings, places and icons of the world. Each of our designs is drawn here in our California Studios and then sent to one of our factories in Germany or Poland. There, a 3-D mold is created of the design, the glass is shaped and then decorated by artisans skilled in their craft, usually for generations.  The ornaments are then shipped back to our California warehouse where they are distributed to our customers. Landmark Creations has made quality and craftsmanship of our product a paramount priority. When we opened, we set a standard that each of our ornaments has to make us smile. If the ornament does not make us smile, it does not make our line. We hope you enjoy a whimsical and memorable vacation during your shopping experience with us! Thank you for visiting our webstore.