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A Step in the Right Direction

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Your purchase of a Landmark Creations’ Christmas ornament is an investment in an heirloom product that will last for many, many years. It has been painstakingly created by artisans in Europe, skilled in their craft sometimes through several generations: individually hand-blown, hand painted, and decorated with hand applied glitter and crystals. For this very reason, our ornaments come to you nestled in acid-free tissue paper – an unbuffered, pH neutral tissue that is sulfur and lignin-free (and thus significantly easier on the environment). It has a soft finish and prevents scuffs and scratches.  It will not break down after time, nor will it discolor your ornament. Acid-free tissue is museum-quality protection.

And while we splurge a bit on how your heirloom ornament is protected, Landmark Creations is also doing our best to be “green” by using sustainable and responsibly sourced packaging materials.

      • WE are working to reduce our petroleum-based products, researching a switch to plant-derived and renewable Cello tape and reducing the use of bubble wrap.
      • WE re-use the recycled paper and boxes in which our ornaments come packaged from our factories in Europe in the repackaging of our ornaments to our customers.
      • WE use 100% recycled bogus paper to supplement the packing material we receive from our factories.
      • WE are in the process of sourcing gift boxes made from 97% post-consumer content, fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable.
      • WE keep our volume of packaging and materials needed to the minimum by using gift boxes and shipping cartons best sized for our products. And we are working with our larger customers to reconsider their packaging standards to better meet the needs of our environment rather than the convenience of their warehouse processing.
      • WE are working with our larger customers to source responsibly and to make sure that recycling efforts are carried all the way down the department level within the store.

We welcome your input! Do you have an idea for us in our mission to further reduce our carbon footprint?                Please e-mail us at